PCI Municipal Services is a boutique firm wholly focused on providing high quality municipal parking management services.

Our sole focus is on assisting municipalities to efficiently and effectively manage their parking programs to best meet the needs of their locale.

PCI Municipal Services is the better alternative to the national parking firms who commoditize services and limit important vital resources to the local operational teams. The parking industry has gone through an unhealthy consolidation and a focus on Wall Street instead of Main Street. We are a privately owned firm that has always honored our financial commitments, before, during and after the pandemic.

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About PCI Municipal Services


PCI understands that each municipal parking program is unique. PCI approaches each operation with a flexible mindset to mold and deliver the right service offering for each client. In order to deliver high quality consistent service to our municipal clients PCI establishes and maintains executive management involvement in each operation for the duration of our contract.


PCI invests heavily in our “Teams” in the field as they are responsible for delivering services to our client’s customers. Every member of the PCI management team receives executive support to maximize their professional development. PCI managers and staff are provided the training and support they need to be successful in their duties and daily tasks. Our corporate trainers will perform regular field training sessions for all of our municipal teams.


When a municipality hires PCI to manage their parking programs, they are getting an “on-staff” parking consultant as an added bonus. PCI takes a long term approach in each of our client relationships. Our executive team will provide our industry expertise to municipalities to assist in their planning and strategy development for their parking programs evolution and growth.


PCI fully leverages the value of technology in improving the customer experience, operational efficiencies and financial performance for our clients. Our ability to work with, and effectively integrate, multiple technologies provides our municipal clients with the ideal solution for their parking program.


PCI’s focus on the customer is the cornerstone of our success. Our goal is to “DO MORE” than just provide a place to park a vehicle. PCI believes the customer experience should be the key consideration in every management decision. Our ability to deliver workable technology solutions that parallel “best practice” policies is the recipe for a positive customer experience.

Dedicated Resources

PCI provides quality support to our field teams from our corporate human resources, accounting, payroll and audit staff. PCI understands the value in providing timely, responsive and accurate information to our clients and our field management staff.

Employees Make the Difference

PCI Municipal Services understands that our employees are the key to success.

Without great team members on the ground the greatest of management plans will fail. PCI seeks to hire people that take pride in their work and are willing to work together as a team. All of our staff are fully trained in the operational tasks they are to perform each day, with each task having a clearly established goal and measurement. Whether it be cleaning a garage or parking enforcement a metric is created that determines the overall performance. PCI uses metrics to not only identify success, but also to locate areas where improvement and additional training are required. PCI invests heavily in our managers with a goal of improving all of their professional skills. Our managers participate in our client’s incentive fee to provide proper motivation and reward for quality work.

Customer Service Approach

A core component of successfully managing municipal parking is providing a high level of customer service.

PCI Municipal Services has excelled at implementing a customer service centered approach for our municipal operations. We have invested heavily in recruiting and hiring practices to bring in employees with the right mindset and skill sets to be able to deliver quality service to our customers. Our extensive employee training programs are geared to emphasize the importance of customer service and provide the tools and resources for our staff to be successful in their day-to-day roles.

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Improved Technology

The amount of new innovative parking technology available can be overwhelming. The technology available can dramatically improve the customer experience while improving the efficiency and accuracy of your parking program. PCI is on the cutting edge of parking technology and keenly understands the value that it can bring to your parking program. Our value is that we can present all of the various technology, layout the pros and cons of each, and design a technology plan that delivers the most value for the City.

Our leadership offers over five decades of proven municipal experience to our clients and offers consultation into all aspects of both off-street and on-street parking operations.