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Where can I park my motorcycle/moped?

The DDA provides motorcycle/moped parking spaces throughout Ann Arbor. Motorcycle/Moped parking is available at the following locations: Ann & Ashley Structure City Hall Main & Ann 1st & William 4th & William Structure Maynard Structure Forest Structure

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I lost my ticket and then found it after paying the Lost Ticket fee. How do I request a refund?

If you find your ticket, please submit the following by mail or in person: The original ticket. Your original receipt. A brief letter indicating the reason for your request. If you paid by credit card, the full credit card number and expiration date of the card you used to make the payment. Refunds are subject to approval and will be issued in up to 30 days.

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What are the types of monthly parking passes?

Monthly parking permits are available in some parking structures and surface lots in downtown Ann Arbor. There are three types of passes: Standard Pass – This access card allows for one vehicle to park within the public parking area of the structure. These passes allow for 24/7 access to the facility. Limited Pass – Access is limited to between the hours of 3:30 pm to 9:00 am and all day Saturdays and Sundays. Overnight permit holders have [...]

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How do I cancel my monthly parking?

All cancellations must be submitted in writing. You can do this by stopping by our office Monday-Friday, from 8:00am-5:00pm to submit a cancellation form, fax your request to (734) 668-6479, or send an email to Please be sure to include the name on the account and the date you would like your cancellation to be effective. Also, if you have more than one pass, please let us know which pass(es) you are cancelling. Also, [...]

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How do I reserve a monthly parking pass?

Please contact the Downtown Development Authority at or use this online form. They can let you know if they have availability in the facility. Once PCI Municipal Services receives confirmation that you have been assigned a space in a structure or lot, we can issue the pass. All new passes require a signed contract along with payment for the nonrefundable set up fee and the current month of parking. This applies to all accounts whether [...]

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