Easy Pay Parking

Easy Pay Parking2022-07-27T13:40:34-04:00

A new payment option available at all structures and the South Ashley open lot brought to you by the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority.


What is an easy pay card?2022-07-07T14:01:59-04:00

Equipment has been installed at all structures and the South Ashely open lot to use a stored value/pre-paid proximity card known as an Easy Pay Card. This card allows you to carry a balance and easily enter/exit the structure, while deducting funds from the card at the standard hourly rate.

Multiple cards can be purchased and share the same pre-paid balance (known as a company purse).  This allows a company to maintain and add money to one balance.

Where can an easy pay card be purchased?2022-07-07T14:02:27-04:00

The Easy Pay Card can be purchased from the PCI Municipal Service Office at 324 Maynard Street in Ann Arbor during normal office hours.  At the time of purchase, you will be charged for the amount you would like to add to the card plus a $10.00 fee per card.

Note: Do not bend, cut, write, or place stickers on the cards.  This may reduce the readers ability to sense the card (replacement fee $10.00).

How to use an easy pay card?2022-07-07T14:02:58-04:00

After purchasing the Easy Pay Card and driving to your preferred parking location, slowly pull closely to the ticket dispenser.  Scan your card on the ‘KEY CARD HERE’ sensor at the bottom right-hand side of the machine.

The gate should lift and the screen will say WELCOME: [YOUR NAME].  Once the gate completely lifts, pull forward and continue to drive to an open space. You will not need your Easy Pay Card again until you are ready to exit.

This is the same process you will use upon exit.  Pull forward into an exit lane, scan the card on the ‘KEY CARD HERE’ sensor on the machine. The gate should lift and the screen will say GOODBYE and display your current charge and remaining balance.

Note: The Easy Pay Card must stay in sequence ie: Entry then Exit.  If ever out of sequence, the card may not work, and you will need to press the call for help button on the ticket dispenser to have the pass reset.  Continued resets may result in the loss of parking privileges.

How to reload the easy pay card?2022-07-13T14:36:41-04:00

After the initial purchase, funds may be added to the card by contacting the PCI Municipal Parking Office via phone or stopping by the office to make a payment in person.

Note: The easy pay card will not allow you entrance into the structure if your balance is less than $28.80.

To request a transaction register for your card, please email the PCI Municipal Services Administration office at a2parkingadmin@municipalparking.com. You will need to provide the proximity card number printed on the card. This register will show all the charges and additions to the account over the last 90 days.


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