New Parking Equipment – Coming Soon At South Ashley Lot

Monthly Parkers Parkers using a monthly permit should not notice a difference at all. The permit tags currently in use will work with the new equipment. The new equipment will not change any of the invoicing procedures you are familiar with. Validation Customers The new TIBA equipment will allow for both full and limited validation options as are now currently in place. The difference will be that instead of purchasing [...]

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New Parking Equipment Coming in 2020

We are excited to announce that this year we will be upgrading the Amano parking equipment to TIBA at eight locations throughout downtown Ann Arbor. We are doing this upgrade in an effort to provide a higher quality experience for our patrons in meeting their downtown parking needs. We first rolled out TIBA in 2018 at the Fourth & Williams structure. Speed and reliability are some of the key benefits that we [...]

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